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Lampor T10 (W5W) LED Canbus

High quality LED and white color

Nimike: PLS116W
Yksikkö: /pari
LED diode lamp that can handle CanBus systems. White glow and can be mounted in both a position light and onto the license plate
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60 päivän avoin osto

Yli 100 000 tyytyväistä asiakasta

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This LED lamp is incredibly versatile and can be used for both interior and exterior of the car. Thanks to its slim design, it fits almost everywhere. It has the base T10 or W5W as it is sometimes called. It gives a white glow that matches LED or Xenon better than classic halogen lamps. The lamp has a built-in resistor to cope with newer cars' light monitoring system, also called Canbus.

No polarity design

Price per pair.

This lamp has a built-in resistor that prevents the car from warning of a broken lamp. The resistor usually gives the car sufficient load that the car's light monitoring system does not give a warning, but in some cases an extra power resistor is needed.

You can find it here:
Power resistor BA15S


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